"Warrior Goddess" Andrea Nucci

/ Inner-strength / Discipline / Womanhood // Overworked. Over-stressed. Betrayed by loved ones. Breakup. Cancer Diagnosis. These are events that can scar a person’s life and its after-effects of which can linger like a wound that keeps reopening (I promise this is aspirational and inspirational, I really do).

I did not know these things about Andrea when I first met her. She is, in all facets, the epitome of a confident and cool big-city designer.

Over the years, we stayed in touch like most acquaintances, via social media and those once-every-so-often get-togethers through mutual friends.

One day, I found out (through social media, of course) that she was competing in amateur Muay Thai boxing and teaching women’s self defence. I was curious. Curious how, someone I looked up to in the design world would make this sudden switch.

I later learned about her journey to wellness and it is truly aspirational. Her story reminds me that the most life-altering and meaningful change one can make is to become aware of who you truly are.

It wasn’t the story itself that is aspirational, it is her willlingness to take the next step, to take action to make the change, that I admire the most.

She was able to face and overcome her demons, the ones that would not allow her to move beyond her traumas and fears.

Beyond the personal changes, what is inspirational is her ability to see beyond herself. Creating Warrior Goddess Wellness is her way of giving forward to other women the support to fight and overcome their own demons. This, the beginning to her dream of creating a safe space where women can come together and support one another to achieve greatness. This is inspirational. This is strength.

I do know that it is the humxn condition to go through our own traumas and to face our own demons.  My hope is that we are all able to, in our own time, find the strength within us to take action to overcome them, like Andrea.

With dignity and respect,