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Lee takes photographs of people and life. Hong Kong-born, Toronto-raised and Ottawa-based, he is most fulfilled when he gets to travel and explore the different ways people live it. He looks to tell meaningful stories that communicate the richness of life and the human experience.  His work have been Chosen Winners in American Photography 37 and American Photography 38.

In another realm, Lee worked in community development and social work, which probably led him to focus his lens on this idea of dignity and being alive.  He is a big baseball fan and learned a lot about life by playing the sport. Lee also believes in being kind and enjoys horrible dad jokes, like this one...

Q: How many photographers does it take to change a light bulb? 
A: None. When it gets dark, they just use a higher ISO.


Centennial College, Chatime Canada, Children First Canada, Drums Etc. Magazine, Eating Disorders Foundation of Canada, Jays Care Foundation, Ontario Child Advocate, Milk & Heels Magazine, Urbanology Magazine

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Lee Hon Bong