Tyler Tilley

/ Artist / Skulls / Bangkok // It is in the freedom to choose your own destiny and the courage to act that excites me about life. It is knowing that you would rather take the lumps and bumps to chasing your dreams than be at ease in the mundane that a zestful deep breath frees my soul.

Tyler knows this. He knows that in order to shine in the light of life, you must be willing to pay your dues and learn in the smoke-filled shadows. The duality of one and other, like the words tattooed on the back of his left hand, ‘Jah Bless’ , an ode to the blessings for a beautiful life, but also a verbal double entendre for not having to be employed.

His art is abstract and surreal. It is emotionally confusing. It is both chaotic and calming all at once. I find his work pleasing in a way that simplifies the sometimes intense foolishness of our society. I am, however, more engaged in his surreal pieces and the playful observations of life and nothingness they offer. Perhaps these are just my thoughts on his work, but that is the point, as he puts it himself:

“I believe my finished work imprints exactly who I am: bursts of colour, dark pits of mud, layers of mutation, sprays of passion and frequent instalments of arguing thoughts.

Art haunts me. It teases me. It pleasures me. It fills me up.

It is an outlet that has allowed all my thoughts, ideas, and dreams to filter into one direction. I don’t really care to be understood, hence abstract being my crux.

The overall message is there is no message—I just want you to feel something, to be pulled in, get inspired and then go do something great!”

Now go do something great!

With dignity and respect,