Simon Doty

/ Sound Selector / Basketball / Laidback // I spent the better part of an afternoon walking around wtih Simon, Ben, and Nick, walking along the West Queen West neighbourhood in Toronto.  Simon is a rising EDM artist, DJ, and producer.  Hired by his promotion team to do some promotional images, we decided that we would spend an hour capturing some outdoor images before heading inside to photograph on location at a spot called Apt 200.   As with everyone I meet and everyone I photograph, I really enjoy getting to know them as human beings. 

Listening to his tunes and getting to connect with him during our photoshoot, reminds me that all media of art - including music and photography, are languages that translate our inner being to the outer world.  The whole process is revealing of who we are and puts us in a place of vulnerability.  Oddly enough, there is an empowering and freeing quality to art that connects us to one another.  ‘Dear Ben EP’ is a salute to his late manager who “…always stressed the importance of versatility: ‘every release has to sound like Simon, but never like another Simon song’. The goal is to be formless; explore all sounds, all ideas, all possibilities, without prejudice. Like Ben always said.” 

I also realized that there is no one-way to success.  You just have to dive right into what you love, what you feel you are passionate about, your purpose, and give it your all.  Even if you don’t turn out the way you thought, you find yourself in the process.  Simon grew up in Alberta playing basketball and having basketball dreams (playing college ball as a point guard) and is now an established artist in the EDM industry.  Go figure.   

Life has such a funny way of guiding you down it’s roads.  I guess all we can do is put onsome good tunes and enjoy the ride. 

With dignity and respect,


P.S. Rest in peace and good music, Ben.