Lily Yange

Mom / Creator / Dreamer // There are some people you just want to cheer for. They are special people who, by being themselves, gives others a genuine sense that there is hope and goodness in this life.

That is Lily, with her smile that slides from one ear to the other, most noticeable when talking about her son, Felix, or her husband, Kenny. She is all about family.

She champions diversity, womanhood, Black lives, mental health, and advocates against bullying.

But you will most likely know her for being one the faces of Mac Cosmetic’s diversity campaign, being on the pages of Vogue (Italy), as a model for H&M, or you are one of her avid followers on Instagram. But you might not know that she has the goal of being an impactful advocate for diversity and looks to work with brands to help them engage genuinely in these practices.

Believe me, her story is inspiring and continues to unfold. Her younger years were filled with many hurdles to cross, something that would leave the best of us with a negative outlook on life. However, it is the great ones that are able to make something of it. That is her story to tell, which she does on all her platforms. What I want to say is that I have known her for years and I believe she is one of these ‘great ones’. What she would say, though, is that we all have the power to be great ones., which I believe she inspires us all to be.  

With dignity and respect,