Lester McLean

/ music / God / family //  Some people say that you are born with your talent.  Some people say that talent can only take you so far.  All this can certainly be true and it is a word that is often attributed to Lester.  He definitely is a talented individual.  Gifted with the ability to have a sense of absolute pitch, it means that he can recognize the pitch of a note or produce any given note at any time.  He plays the guitar, he plays saxophone, and he has a phenomenal voice.

But the word that people should include when talking about Lester is skill.  He has taken his given talents and practiced and practiced and learned and practiced some more.   Skill takes dedication and hard work and Lester puts it in.  Yes, when performing, he makes it look easy and fun, but I know it is because he puts in the practice and the learning when he is not in the limelight.  

Beyond the music, Lester is a youth pastor at his church and works at one of the ESPN networks.  He wears many hats and devotes quality time into all that he does.  He is an avid sports fan and his love of the Montreal Canadiens, perhaps his only downfall, is unrelenting, but I digress. 

To be humxn is to live life to your fullest and do all that makes you happy, without judgement and without fear.  Connecting with Lester reminds me of this and inspires me to do the same for myself.  Actually, I hope everyone is able to follow suit.

With dignity and respect,