What you focus on is.

I recently watched a YouTube clip of author and speaker, Simon Sinek, telling the story of how skiers train to focus on the path and not the tree because you are bound to run into what you focus on.  I remember as a child thinking something similar to get over fears I have.

I mean as a 12 year old, there were so many things in this world that were troubling to me (as 12 year olds do) that it started to feel overwhelming.  And maybe because I didn’t know how to handle it, but one day I just decided that every time I felt overwhelmed with these thoughts, I would just force myself to focus on positive things  that I could do something about.  From that point on, I chose what I wanted to focus on.  

I mean, it wasn’t just that easy, it was practicing daily more than anything.  There were days where I was more able to focus on positive thoughts, and others where I lost this battle. But overall, this little decision gave me back control and peace of mind.  

Somehow, as a kid, I learned that I could change my perspective and that when I did, I could change my perceptions.  Perhaps that is why I connect to photography so much and why I like to emphasize aspects of humanity like dignity and connection in my images. 

I’m not saying ignore the troubles and the horrific things in the world.  All I’m saying is, if the proverb is true, that your eyes are the windows, then focus them on the things that give you purpose, life, and a path to keep going.

With dignity & respect…Lee