Looking back to look forward.

When I was younger, I used to see the time between my birthday in the early part of December until the new year, as a period of transition.  It was the chance to see what this past year was and what the changing tides would bring.  As I got older and busier, I often felt like I didn’t have the chance to catch my breath let alone take the time to ground myself in the flow of past, present, and future.  

But with the ever-increasing stresses of adulthood, you find yourself seeking those experiences that give you energy and allow you a chance to live. 

So I find myself, at this moment, making sure that I have the time to find grounding.  This past year, I’ve learnt that there is more than just being skilled in a particular area.  What I mean is that if what you are good at doesn’t bring you fulfillment, then keep searching and stay open to opportunities that bring you fulfillment.  I’ve also learnt how to find out if something is fulfilling.   To me, it is finding something that energizes me, that connects me to all that life has to offer.  Perhaps being isolated during the COVID pandemic really made me realize what didn’t fulfill me, even though I may have been skilled at it.

This past year, I had the chance to experience the full spectrum and here are a few images from those experiences that filled me with life: 

I can not tell you how deeply connected I am to the sport of baseball.  To me, this image speaks loudly to the importance of knowing you belong.

I’m so happy I grabbed this photo.  I always believe it is important to shine light on those that work hard without it. Image of the Program Staff for the Jays Care Foundation, a group of caring and passionate people who truly do care to make impact on the lives of children and youth.

I met Canadian Olympian, Aaliyah Edwards, from the Women’s National Basketball Team in August.  I have no problem looking up to people younger than me, especially when they are so dedicated, passionate, and driven.

The women’s basketball community is so much more together.  Despite the competition, they actually cheer and support each other.  They know they are building something bigger than just themselves. The image is from the Coachmom women’s basketball showcase where college scouts from Canada and the US are able to watch the athletes practice and scrimmage.

I am always grateful for opportunities to clients I get to support  again and again.  DJ Producer, Simon Doty, is one of them.  It is really amazing to see the success he has built in the EDM music industry.  Also, grateful to Rhetorical Music Management for trusting me to deliver.

When I was young, I loved looking at clouds. They were the setting and subjects of many stories that lived in my mind.  This image was taken as we were landing in Miami.

Finally visited Miami Beach this year.  I had never been.  So thankful to get a glimpse of a different way of living on this blue dot.  I even took off my sunglasses like Horatio Caine.

The experiences of this past year also helped me to realize the direction I want to take for 2023 and I look forward to welcoming in new experiences.  Whatever lay ahead, I am thankful for these moments I had.  I wish everyone a happy new year and may you find happiness in all of the memories you make this upcoming year.

with dignity and respect…Lee