Emmanuel Rose

God / music / dance  // I heard once that the meaning of life is to find out what your special gift is and that your purpose in life is to give that to the world.

I don’t recall where I heard that but it resonates deeply with me.

I also believe that in order to find your meaning and purpose, you must recognize and stay true to a set of moral codes which guide you.

We all have different codes and different meanings and different purposes in life. Truth is, I get excited about meeting and learning how we all interact with our meaning and our purpose. Some of us are strongly connected to it and some of us are still trying to figure it out. I’m more latter than former myself. But this is the beauty of life.

That is why I really enjoyed meeting Emmvnuel Rose. His gifts in the arts run deep and diverse, a talented dancer and singer. But more importantly, his faith is where he draws his creativity and life energy. It is inspiring to see.

His spirit is light and puts everyone around him at ease. Filled with positivity, his creativity fittingly allows everyone else to be creative without judgement.

Living life to your own meaning and purpose. Feels like the secret to happiness.

With dignity and respect,