Emily May Rose

Spray Cans / Piper / Raccoons // When someone says that, ‘there is an air about her…’ it generally means that there is something unique about her to which people gravitate towards or take notice of. It is generally something that people find hard to describe. It could be a talent or skill that she has, like illustrating or painting. Especially if her style is unique and moves people in a way that makes them feel good about life, like painting raccoons on everything from walls to stickers to sneakers.

It could be her character traits. Maybe her loyalty to her community -Parkdale, in the west end of Toronto - where so many artists reside. Or her matter-of-fact friendliness to all those willing to talk. 

It could be her business savvy. Having collaborated with and hired by some well-recognized brands to create work. She could name drop companies like: Taco Bell, Jagermeister, Grolsch, Star Wars, or Koodo Mobile, but she doesn’t. Instead, she talks about the future, of what she and her art are excited for.

It could be all these things and more, but I think it is because she walks with such focus on just being. Living her life, paying attention to her own goals and aspirations. You can’t help but be drawn into that.

And so you pay attention, looking forward to seeing what she is going to be doing next because there is definitely an air to Emily May Rose.

With dignity and respect,