D'Andrew Dunn

/ Growth / Dignity / Basketball // There is a joy that comes with seeing someone overcome the challenges in their lives and step into the person they are meant to be.  It is so difficult sometimes to accept who we are supposed to be when it seems so far from the place we seek to belong.  Identity and belonging are two parts of our existential whole.  Some of us are lucky enough to have been born into an environment that accepts who we are.  Some of us are not, whatever our difference, there is an expert level mind game we have to face within ourselves, made all the more tough depending on the people that surround you.  

This is where i find a strong connection to D’Andrew.  Though our struggles may be different, it is his willingness to grow knowing that growth takes time and change comes in steps that I find motivating.  What I admire about him, is the dignity in which he holds himself.  Through all of the self-doubt and haters that inflict more self-doubt, he held true and worked up enough courage to welcome and walk into a more wholesome version of himself.  This is growth. It’s freightening to step away from Plan B when you’ve been made to believe it is right in order to choose to walk on the path you are intended to walk.

Congratulations D. I really enjoy seeing you in your happiness.  It makes the struggles of life so worth it. Wishing you continued growth, purpose, and happiness.

With dignity and respect,